1938 Talbot Lago T150C SS Teardrop Coupe at Radnor Hunt 2013

Mind Over Motor

If there’s one thing the French knew how to do in the 1930s, it was elegance in automobiles.  Figoni et Falaschi was a design powerhouse at this time and this Talbot-Lago was a true jaw-dropper at the 100 Cars of Radnor Hunt.  While Nick got busy snapping the Delahaye (itself a beautiful car) my college buddy Chris Azarko and I admired this piece of French automotive artwork.  Even among these beautiful classic cars the swoopy Talbot caught everyone’s attention.  Only 14 of these were made during its short production run and this one was hidden from the Nazis during WWII.  I’m glad it’s been restored and I’m even happier to see it here at Radnor.  Enjoy the photos.

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